On my travels, I have encountered beautiful stories from people and places. I wish to give back to these journeys by sharing it with everyone. This year, I will start with Folklores.  From the Baralachha pass to the cold deserts of Spiti and Ladakh, verbal footnotes have led me to these tales. Ones that have made their way into my soul. Tales of yore weaved with love and imagination and passed on from one generation to another as memoirs. It awakens within me, the eagerness of a child, lighting up my eyes while these stories fill me up. From the grandmothers and grandfathers in the mountains, our ancestors, the locals who have grown up with these stories.  Some of these are unbelievable, spooky, mystical, mythical, spiritual, funny, symbolic, and even based on traditional science yet they are sure to connect you to memories of listening to folklores from someone and feeling the magic of it #Folklores.

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