I am just a woman who loves to travel. Travel to me is life. My solo journeys have been an accumulation of blessings and lessons that I will cherish all my life. Although solo is about setting out alone, the beauty is that in this universe, no one is really alone. There’s a sense of shared connectedness that brings itself out when you choose to set out alone in unchartered territories beyond your comfort zone. In many ways, these people and things come into your life to enhance and enable your needs. And if there’s anything, I would be extremely grateful for it. In all, wishes could be endless, but from my journeys, I have learned that the universe definitely provides what you need if you are dedicated to your path. These blessings can come in unexpected and unimaginable ways. In my case, through a call and knock on the door just before Christmas. And I would say, it was one Zen of a blessing from Asus India.

Reeling back to a few months from now to July 2015. I was looking forward to buy a lightweight gadget for my travels that would enable me to work on the road. I ultimately settled for a mid-range laptop that served my needs while I was travelling around Africa for a few months. Throughout my trip, I realized that laptops just aren’t the most practical gadgets to lug around, especially while trekking and backpacking. But since work demanded it, I had to make do with the extra weight. Besides, laptop is very handy if I have to work for long. Also as a freelance writer, energy healer, a spiritual healing arts entrepreneur and traveller, these gadgets helped me share my experiences and stay connected to work and family. That’s why despite being a person who isn’t inclined to technology, I feel gratitude for their existence and the blessings they brought into my life. Deep inside, I was wondering if a Tablet could have been a better alternative but I didn’t want to spend my money on another expensive gadget. Since I am more likely to be gadget-less in life or could be found in a place where gadgets and internet connectively could let me down, technology is hardly my priority. I have lived comfortably without internet while I was living in Ladakh. I have gone without a camera because it adds to my backpack; sometimes even not being able to use them since their batteries surrendered to the mighty nature. But the universe responded by bringing Asus Zen Pad 7 into my life. It was a gift from the company because they loved my travel blog. Happily and feeling completely Zen, I accepted the present gracefully and it took me  back to the moments when I wished for a convenient light-weight gadget for my travels. It is quite impressive, I must say. This post is dedicated to Asus for sending me such an amazing present. Asus, you have my gratitude always. Always, beauty and grace lie in these little thoughtful moments.

This cool gadget is truly zen-like. Its smooth interface functions in complete harmony, keeping the balance between its advanced features and user-friendliness. The Zen Pad’s feather-weight body complements its looks and functionality. I can literally meditate through my work and life with Zen. It’s extremely vivid at heart, offering you excellent colour clarity and brightness, also comforting to eyes. The interesting part; it’s built with an eye for beauty and is indeed true to life. Its eyes – the 8MP rear and 2MP front camera with has auto-focus abilities captures moments and experiences for me beautifully. It’s innate DTS-HD Premium Sound and 360 degree surround creates a crystal clear audio experience. Plus its CA71 Audio Cover offers an incredible sound experience. This Zen Pad can soak in the sounds and sights I encounter on my travel in the most beautiful ways. Its eyes have seen the sunrise and sunsets painted by the skies with me. It has heard the sound of the waves, the rivers, the pine trees and deodars. I has walked up with me to majestic summits and snowy mountains. It has created memories of explorations of villages in the Himalayas. The gongs, the temple bells, the wind, the chants, the waterfalls, the trees, the stories, the folklore and the souls I have met on my journeys have been heard by the Zen Pad. It has effortlessly flipped pages for me as I sat by a café, reading my heart out with Rumi, Ruskin, Kerouac and Marquez. Zen has seen through its eyes and my journeys. The turquoise skies, the cottony clouds, the beaches, the forests, the canvases of amber skies, the lungtas, the monasteries, the temples, the snow-blanketed mountains, the Himalayas and its beautiful souls; it has seen it all as I felt it all. It has been a harmonious companion who fits right into my backpack- my other soulful companion on my journeys. It has enabled me to stay connected to what matters during my travels. The universe gifted me through Asus, just what would contribute to my travels. The only way I can embrace this present is by feeling appreciation and gratitude for these valuable contributions and the little things that elates your heart. For it has taught me the art of receiving something that I did not require nor resonate with, but rather appreciate it for what it adds to my life. The universe is constantly giving in so many ways, but can be embraced only with an open heart to receive. Because everything serves a purpose and the reasons are always good. Thank you universe and Asus India. So Zen has been my journey towards the bliss of traversing to yet another unknown home.

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  1. Divya, This article is so beautifully written. Keep up with your travels and let us experience them through you.

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