Healing Mudras: The yogic way of travelling through extremes.

Nature has a mind of its own. She can warm up your hearts on her coldest days, quench your curiosity in her steepest paths or even blow you over with her chilly winds. As adventure enthusiasts, we travel through varied moods of nature. Through her snow-laden mountains, up-in the air Continue Reading

The food of the Poonjar Gods: A tale of my grandmother’s ancestry at Gods’ own country.

On being a mountain soul and more: Manifesting my dream life in the Himalayas

What brings me to the Himalayas? That’s a question I am asked often. I sigh; an inexpressible deep love for it.  A lot of people ask me what makes me live in the mountains, despite being a city girl. To tell you the truth, I don’t have all the answers Continue Reading

CHEW JETTY: A walk through Penang’s Chinese Heritage Village

Georgetown – Penang’s capital city is a storytellers’ paradise. Every little nook and corner whispers a story. Those who have the eyes and ears for it are sure to fall in love with Penang. To immerse yourself in the Penangian way of life, keep walking or cycle down its past Continue Reading

Quan Yin Teng: Divine tales of yore at George Town’s street of harmony.

The island state of Penang is a magical mixed bag offering you everything from a laid-back beach break to a cultural indulgence. Its capital George Town – a UNESCO World Heritage city is home to the legendary Quan Yin Teng – also known as ‘the Goddess of Mercy’ temple. Standing Continue Reading

SAIRU SAJJA: Celebrating harvest in Jagatsukh village. 

In the land of Gods, the passing seasons play a significant role in their deep-rooted traditions. Living in a little home perched atop Jagatsukh village for half a year now, I had a chance to explore the lives of the Himachali community closely. I learned that their traditions are deeply Continue Reading


  The spirit’s spider weaves the web of life Connecting impenetrable mysteries Trailing its gold from wisdom to wisdom; Enwrapping one with another; Into colours of love, Weaving us in infinite cycles  The intricate threads of our life Shape themselves into beautiful patterns Weaving each strand little by little Making Continue Reading

The catcher of African dreams

I am a believer of dreams. There is something magical about them and its meaning certainly can’t be derived in logic. Dreams are the visions of the soul. They have been the sole reason for every journey of mine. It was a starry night at Mcleodganj. The moonlit sky had Continue Reading

Journeying through fairy tales of the Moon.

It was the starriest night at Komic – Spiti’s highest inhabited village, overlooking golden mountains and brown pastures. Hot cups of Loon Cha poured in as we spoke of the tales hidden in the hearts of Spiti. I was alone on my journey across the tribal circuit of Himalayas starting Continue Reading

Dosmoche: A springtime for hearts in the winters of Ladakh.

On a warm February morning, the cold winds coming from far away mountains go to sleep. The cymbals clanked, trumpets sang and drums played melodies of yore. Masked faces stood out amongst the blue skies and vast mountains. Prayers hummed in circles and a mist of incense smoke invaded my Continue Reading