This is my personal initiative to light up dreams of people I meet on the road.  The’Dream Catcher’ project is an offshoot of my sacred geometric healing arts venture ‘Iktomi’. I started this project on my solo journey to Africa, wherein I shared my energized crystal dream catchers with beautiful souls I met on the road. Travel has opened many doors for me – I have been blessed with a lot of unconditional love on my journeys from strangers, now friends for life. They have contributed to my life journey in immeasurable ways. Being a dream catcher myself to these souls is my little contribution to their life. It’s my way of giving back to my journeys meaningfully in return for the unasked help and love I have received. In Africa, I became a dream catcher for tribes in the remotest parts, orphanages, schools and lovely people who moved me with their little acts of Kindness. I believe love is a powerful force, and it has been the best gift I received on my travels. And what’s better than just sharing works of my heart with these souls. These dream catchers have been energized with Prana to manifest dreams. I was amazed to learn that just as me, there are those in the little corners of the world with hearts full of dreams.  Travel is the biggest privilege, while for many others, there are so many simple dreams waiting to be fulfilled. And this privilage of travel can be leveraged for a meaningful cause. On my travels, I always carry my Iktomi dream catchers for sharing with lovely souls I may encounter. I intend to keep this ‘dream catching; journey alive and continue to be their little dream catcher. Sharing this little part of myself through works of my heart is enough reason for my happiness. I hope to contribute to many such tribes an, children and souls on my journeys through my art. I am also extending my skills of sacred geometric arts of mandalas to communities who can benefit from it. The process of making a mandala is meditative and healing – and nothing makes me happier than knowing that sharing these skills with someone has brought healing to them.

If you are genuinely moved by this initiative and would like to work with me on this, I can devise a creative execution model that benefits the communities as well as brands. Above all, regardless of commercial associations, my ‘dream- catching’  with Iktomi will continue on my journeys.